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What leadership is and isn't. -By Johnny Roman

We often hear the expression: "be a leader". Whether its at work, school, or even in the family setting, we are bombarded with the idea that having a position of leadership is what engenders respect and acceptance from others. Little wonder that in most major organizations, CEO's are lauded and paraded before the masses in television, newspapers, and biographies as the ones we should all aspire to be. There is nothing wrong with having the goal of being a leader in your job or other professional setting. The problems arise when one wants to lead for greater prominence or even worse, follows a defective leadership strategy. In this divided and uncertain world, competent leaders are in short supply. If you have pure and sincere motives to want to lead, that is the first building block to becoming a proficient and exemplary leader. Incredibly, even the most famous and successful people throughout history failed at the most basic concepts of good leadership. How can you be