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The dangers of the celebrity culture- By Johnny Roman

In this era of celebrity culture and social media, never before in history has the obsession with trying to become famous become so widespread. Words and phrases such as "Iconic", "reality tv", or "media personality" have become a permanent part of our daily news cycle. Everyday people are now fixated on becoming the next youtube star and reality television star like the Kardashians. The question though must be asked: Is this healthy? Of course, many will say. After all, personalities and entertainers such as Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians, have become wealthy and influential  to the masses. What is wrong with acquiring prestige and wealth beyond your wildest dreams, as some may argue. The short answer is that while there are success stories, there are many failures and cautionary tales of pursuing such a course. In this era of the get rich and famous at all costs, so many people have compromised their ethics and well being, bringing injurious resu