Paradise in your mind and future.- By Johnny Roman

While living in this time of unprecedented growth socially and technologically, more people feel lost and unfulfilled. Perhaps you feel this way from time to time. Is sustained happiness an illusion, or is it much easier to achieve than you think?

As therapists and researchers have long concluded, happiness is not only achievable but the approach we take to reach it differs from person to person. How? Well many people who have amassed financial independence and wealth can enjoy an elevated lifestyle that few could dream of. However, researchers have proven that wealth and money is not the sole barometer to measure happiness. Indeed, many people who have lived frugal and modest lives have also touted the benefits that inner peace and gratitude has brought them. Simply put, happiness falls somewhere in between. Along with some measure of financial security, spirituality, and a purpose driven future, happiness is attainable.

However, you have to want it so badly, that you are willing to deconstruct yourself and relinquish old habits and ways of thinking. To live in that emotional paradise that we all strive for, we have to change any thought pattern and behavior that could be sabotaging our pursuit of happiness. It takes courage and humility to build and maintain an open mind that could open many doors to greater opportunity and lasting fulfillment.

In this blog, Im going to invite you on this journey to reinvent yourself and inch ever closer to the life and inner paradise that we all crave. When you think of paradise, thoughts of beaches, island living, beautiful sunsets, and glorious weather envelop our minds. The truth of the matter is to live in such a physical environment, you first have to create that paradise in your mind. You have to purge past failures, negative thinking, and develop qualities that enrich your life for the better. It will take sustained effort on your part, because sadly negativity permeates our society today. News programming and so called entertainment on television shows all harp on conflict and doom and gloom. Yes, controversy and strife sells.

In my next post, I will discuss how to find contentment and purpose even during the most tragic and calamitous times. I will explain how much we can learn from the greatest generation which lived during the time of the great depression to the prosperous 1950s, and how crisis and uncertainty can produce people who achieve excellence due to their positive thinking. I wish you the very best as you begin to reclaim your life and future, and go full speed ahead to your emotional and spiritual paradise!

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