What leadership is and isn't. -By Johnny Roman

We often hear the expression: "be a leader". Whether its at work, school, or even in the family setting, we are bombarded with the idea that having a position of leadership is what engenders respect and acceptance from others. Little wonder that in most major organizations, CEO's are lauded and paraded before the masses in television, newspapers, and biographies as the ones we should all aspire to be. There is nothing wrong with having the goal of being a leader in your job or other professional setting. The problems arise when one wants to lead for greater prominence or even worse, follows a defective leadership strategy. In this divided and uncertain world, competent leaders are in short supply. If you have pure and sincere motives to want to lead, that is the first building block to becoming a proficient and exemplary leader. Incredibly, even the most famous and successful people throughout history failed at the most basic concepts of good leadership. How can you be

The dangers of the celebrity culture- By Johnny Roman

In this era of celebrity culture and social media, never before in history has the obsession with trying to become famous become so widespread. Words and phrases such as "Iconic", "reality tv", or "media personality" have become a permanent part of our daily news cycle. Everyday people are now fixated on becoming the next youtube star and reality television star like the Kardashians. The question though must be asked: Is this healthy? Of course, many will say. After all, personalities and entertainers such as Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians, have become wealthy and influential  to the masses. What is wrong with acquiring prestige and wealth beyond your wildest dreams, as some may argue. The short answer is that while there are success stories, there are many failures and cautionary tales of pursuing such a course. In this era of the get rich and famous at all costs, so many people have compromised their ethics and well being, bringing injurious resu

How to let go of the past.- By Johnny Roman

We all wish to have a future where all of our dreams have come true. Better health, financial security, peace in the family, are some of the things we aspire to. However, many of us will not attain them unless we do something that is very critical: letting go of the past. Easier said than done you might say. It is very true that relinquishing old feelings about your past is not an easy task. If you make the committment to make peace with your past, your life and outlook for the future will change almost overnight. Lets consider some of the immediate benefits. One terrific benefit of letting go of the past, is the freedom emotionally to move forward and embrace new opportunities. For example, if you have been divorced for several years but have been reluctant to date again, your inability to move past that event is preventing you from meeting new people who could end up providing you with new memories and satisfaction. Whoever's fault it was, clinging to the sorrows of the past

What the greatest generation can teach us.- By Johnny Roman

We have all heard the term "greatest generation". Some of you as I have, may have read legendary news anchor Tom Brokaw's famous book about the generation of americans who lived and triumphed during the period of the Great Depression through the 1950s. All the acclaim that they have received is completely justified. After all, what they went through was unique and transcendant. Their endurance and exploits catapulted America into the preeminent world power after World War two. Their successes were not just limited to the geopolitical arena. That generation also produced the mightiest economic powerhouse that transformed America from a rising economic power to become the most dominant. From 1945-1960, this country experienced an economic resurgence that elevated many from poverty and rural living, while propelling many to work for thriving corporations in the cities. Indeed, all of us owe them a debt of gratitude for their service, resilience, and innovation. Thankfull

Paradise in your mind and future.- By Johnny Roman

While living in this time of unprecedented growth socially and technologically, more people feel lost and unfulfilled. Perhaps you feel this way from time to time. Is sustained happiness an illusion, or is it much easier to achieve than you think? As therapists and researchers have long concluded, happiness is not only achievable but the approach we take to reach it differs from person to person. How? Well many people who have amassed financial independence and wealth can enjoy an elevated lifestyle that few could dream of. However, researchers have proven that wealth and money is not the sole barometer to measure happiness. Indeed, many people who have lived frugal and modest lives have also touted the benefits that inner peace and gratitude has brought them. Simply put, happiness falls somewhere in between. Along with some measure of financial security, spirituality, and a purpose driven future, happiness is attainable. However, you have to want it so badly, that you are wil